4 Steps to Proper Volleyball Setting

Teams that can't set properly have a difficult time scoring, let alone playing competitive volleyball. Here's a simple four-step process young athletes can use to make sure their setting fundamentals are correct and helping their sqaud win.

Step No.1: Positioning

Get under the ball in plenty of time and square your feet and shoulders to your target. Put your right foot slightly ahead of your left and keep knees slightly bent.

Step No.2: Footwork

Place weight on left(back) foot, and transfer weight to right (forward) foot at contact. The correct body position is with ball, forehead and hips in a vertical line.

Step No.3: Strike

Set the ball just above the head (hairline). Upon contact, hands move forward only. (Do not let the hands move towards the head upon contact as this may result in a "throw" call by the ref.)

Step No.4: Follow-Through

Instead, contact ball and move hands through your set. Freeze with hands extended towards the target. Hands are the same distance apart upon completion as they were before contact.

Get your team to follow these guidelines and you'll be amazed how quickly your setting game improves.

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