2 Drills for 6-on-6 Play

Improving your game means practice--and practice means drills. University of Cincinnati's head volleyball coach Reed Sunahara shares two drills from their successful practice program.

Vegas 21

  • Two sides of six players in base position ready to play
  • Coaches alternate entering seven free balls
  • Team that win's the majority of free balls (5-2, 4-3 etc) gets to chose whether to serve or receive to keep those points
  • If they win the serve/serve receive ball, they keep the points
  • Game is played to 21 points, and thus "Vegas 21"

Four Ball

  • Two sides of six players
  • First ball is entered by a side with a serve and played out
  • Second ball goes to the serving team
  • Third ball goes to the serving team
  • Final ball goes to the receiving team
  • Game is played to 15 points
  • Points are scored as follows: All four balls = 2 points, 3 out of 4 =1 point and a split is a wash
  • First side to 15 points wins

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