Team Hitting Drills

Teams that don't hit effectively won't succeed on the court.

Here's a breakdown of hitting drills to help organize your practices--and help your squad maximize their skills.

Step 1: Shoulder Warm-up

Players throw ball 30 yards apart. After this, start two-hand tosses to immediate bow and arrow position and hit at partner's feet.

Step 2: Approach

Approach without ball. Three-step approach.

Step 3: Spiking

To work on spikes, use the following rotation:

  • Coach tosses 4's-hit cross court
  • Coach tosses 4's-hit line
  • Coach tosses 5's- hit cross court
  • Coach tosses 5's-hit line
  • Coach tosses X's, use combo footwork

This drill will get every type of attack practiced in a short amount of time and will give each member of the team ample reps.

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