Wheel Review: Swiss Side Hadron 625

Industry startup Swiss Side has a new lineup of aero wheels that are said to be faster and cheaper than many of its competitors.

Founded by Formula 1 engineer Jean-Paul Ballard, the new Hadron 625 nearly equaled the times of the Zipp Firecrest 808 in the wind tunnel (and beat many of its rivals), which costs about $2,900 compared to just $1,200 for the 625.

On the road, that means a 2-minute time-savings over the 40K distance (at 21 mph and 180 watts) and 9-minute time-savings at the longer 180K distance.

The numbers are impressive, but how does the Hadron 625 hold up in the real world compared to the other wheel giants like Zipp and Enve? We got our hands on a pair and put them to the test. Here's how they fared.

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