The 6 Grossest Things About Triathlon

"I wish someone would have warned me. I was caught totally off guard. It was disgusting!"

I've heard these comments from more than a few new triathletes and their loyal supporters. We often talk about the glamorous parts of triathlon—the great fitness, race achievements, camaraderie and beautiful race venues.

Few people, however, discuss the less attractive parts of the sport—until there is an incident. These incidents result in a lively discussion not fit for the tender ears of non-triathletes dining at your local lunch stop. Perhaps, some of the topics are not fit for a lunch-time discussion at all.

Before going into details, it's only fair to say that not all triathletes experience all of the grossest things about triathlon. That said, know that you may be waiting at the start of your next race in water that is...eeeewww!

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