Our All-Time Favorite Triathlon YouTube Videos

From long trainer spins to post-effort lazy afternoons on the couch, triathletes sometimes have a surprising amount of time to watch stuff. But instead of binge watching "The Office" for the 15th time or checking out these six awesome cycling documentaries on Netflix , we've gathered nine, triathlon-related YouTube videos and channels you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

They're the perfect inspirational pick-me-up, and many of these include triathlon tips and tricks for all levels of athletes. From Lionel Sanders' behind-the-scenes YouTube channel to an epic sprint finish, here are a few of our favorite videos and channels. 

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IRONMAN – Anything is Possible 

It's outdated, has terrible resolution and features cheesy music and graphics, but something about this video gets us stoked anytime we see it. It really encapsulates the IRONMAN vibe and is short enough to be watched again and again to get pumped up for the next workout or race. The aerial images are breathtaking, and it features iconic moments and figures in IRONMAN history. 

Lionel Sanders YouTube Channel 

Lionel Sanders has quickly become an extremely popular figure in the triathlon scene. His openness on his past struggles with drug use and his accessible, hard-working nature is relatable to the everyday age-grouper. His YouTube channel has become one of the most followed accounts related to triathlon, and for good reason. He's honest with his audience and talks about both his struggles and successes in a humble, open way. Plus, it's just a great inside look at the life of a professional triathlete. 

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The Ironwar: Mark Allen & Dave Scott 

This is one of the classic images in IRONMAN history, with two of the best triathletes of their time locked side-by-side for almost the entire IRONMAN World Championship course. Not only was the previous record smashed by both Mark Allen and Dave Scott, but the race has gone down in infamy and continues to be the standard for grit, competition and determination. 

Global Triathlon Channel 

You know them from their super-popular channel, Global Cycling Network, but this spinoff is strictly focused on the swim-bike-run. They cover all things triathlon, from race recaps and training tips, to new technology and gear reviews. We especially enjoy their triathlon content for beginners, providing valuable tips and tricks for athletes just getting into the sport. Create a playlist with a video or two, and be educated and entertained during your next training session. 

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I'm Training for an IRONMAN 

It's crazy to think this animated video went viral almost 10 years ago. The video surrounds a conversation between an athlete training for an IRONMAN and someone who isn't a triathlete. It's a humorous take on what becomes the "norm" for a sport that's far from normal. We won't give too much away here, but heads up, there are a few expletives. 

The Most Amazing Last Mile in a Triathlon – Epic Sprint Finish 

We couldn't create a "best of" list without including a little ITU love. The Pruhealth World Triathlon London race in 2014 went down in history with perhaps the most impressive sprint finish of all time. Seven men entered the last mile together, and after a blistering pace, one athlete edged out the competition for his first victory of many more to come. We'll let you watch for yourself to see who took home the W in the most dramatic style possible.

Tim & Rinny YouTube Channel 

Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae is an Australian triathlete who has absolutely dominated the triathlon scene for over a decade, with three IRONMAN World Championship titles to her name. She recently started a YouTube channel with her husband (and fellow pro triathlete) Tim O'Donnell, and together they show the ins and outs of training and racing at the highest level as a new family of three. Their Kona content and post-race recaps are especially insightful, and their down-to-earth demeanor is particularly welcoming. 

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Julie Moss Competing in the 1982 Hawaii IRONMAN Triathlon 

If the Iron War is the most famous moment in IRONMAN history, this video is a close second. Julie Moss collapsed less than half a mile from the finish with an eight minute lead and continued to rally and collapse as she worked her way to the finish. She was eventually passed, but her effort embodies the IRONMAN spirit. These dramatic images were broadcasted on ABC and surprisingly helped cause a massive spike in race registrations the following year.

Jorgensen Wins Women's Triathlon Gold by 40 Seconds 

Gwen Jorgensen's gold-medal finish in Rio at the 2016 Olympics can be argued as the most important American triathlon moment of all time. Not only was she the first American gold-medal winner in triathlon at the Olympics, but she absolutely dominated the field by comfortably winning more than 40 seconds ahead of second place. While her gold medal may be the peak of her irrefutably distinguished career, her sportsmanship and relationship with her fans will rank amongst some of her highest accolades.  

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Michael Nystrom

A California native, Michael Nystrom graduated from the University of Southern California with a master's degree in journalism. He is a 2x IRONMAN and has done countless sprint- and olympic-distance triathlons. Follow Michael on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
A California native, Michael Nystrom graduated from the University of Southern California with a master's degree in journalism. He is a 2x IRONMAN and has done countless sprint- and olympic-distance triathlons. Follow Michael on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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