A Swim Training Plan for Beginner Triathletes

One common question asked among new triathletes is “what type of swimming workouts should I do?” This article provides a sample swim training plan for three common triathlon race distances—sprint, Olympic and 70.3—to help you get up and running—or rather swimming—in no time. These workouts are designed to give you a healthy balance of speed, endurance and technique work so you can become an overall stronger swimmer.

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Hints and Tips

Endurance workouts should be based on time instead of distance. Speed workouts should include 50-yard swims for sprint and Olympic, and 100-yard swims for longer distance athletes. Technique workouts help improve your swim mechanics and should include kicking and stroke drills.

Try the one-arm drill: Swim 25 yards with the left arm only, followed by 25 yards with the right arm only, then swim 50 yards with both arms. This teaches you to develop a more even stroke.

When performing kicking drills, try to drive the kick from your hips with knees slightly bent. Think of dancing the twist but with a slower motion so you are incorporating more of your thigh muscles. This will help develop a more powerful kick. Remember to take a day or two off between each workout to rest and recover, and be sure to start these workouts at least five weeks before your race.

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