7 Exercises for a Strong Triathlon Finish

If you struggle with the final push at the end of a race, strength training can help. Building muscle will not only help you push hard to the finish line but will also keep your body from falling apart from the rigors of training. Many triathletes have muscle imbalances such as rounded shoulders and a weak posterior chain. Without proper strength training, these athletes will experience long-term issues such as mechanical inefficiency and loss of confidence in their ability to finish strong at the end of a race.

One way to attack imbalances is through mobility training. Spend time increasing mobility in your legs, quads, hip flexors, chest and shoulders. When these areas are tight it can affect every movement. A mobility program that addresses your weaknesses will allow to you move more efficiently and reduce your chance of injury.

Unilateral strength exercises can also help triathletes correct muscle imbalances and build strength and power. The following strength and mobility exercises will help triathletes race faster, push harder and perform at a higher level.

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