6 Foam Rolling Exercises For Triathletes And Cyclists

For endurance athletes, getting the most out of your race-day performance has a lot to do with how well you can train and recover leading up to your event. While most beginner cyclists and triathletes spend plenty of time training, recovery is often overlooked.

The benefits of a post-workout massage can help remove lactic acid from the muscles, prevent injury and improve flexibility. But instead of spending $60 per hour a few times per week, a $40 foam roller can give you many of the same benefits.

If you're new to foam rolling or even a veteran, 10 to 15 minutes three to five days a week can help your body move more freely, recover more quickly and improve your overall range of motion so you can train at a higher level more frequently.

These simple exercises target six of the most overworked and injured muscle groups among cyclists and triathletes.

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