2016 Triathlon Shoe Preview

The Running Event, an annual conference and expo that hosts over 35 shoe brands and hundreds of retailers and companies, descended upon Austin early December. The show was full of exhibitors showcasing their upcoming products and running store representatives placing orders for the latest and greatest to offer to customers.

This year, socks were the big push from companies, from the beloved Injinji and Balega to newcomers like Farm to Feet. Expect to start hearing a lot more importance placed on what goes between your shoe and your foot in the coming year. Though this piece of gear is often overlooked, it looks like companies are starting to recognize the importance of pushing the benefits of a good running sock (sweat wicking, cooling and more).

In addition to the socks, the buzz was around that other thing you put on your foot, and brands are pulling out all of the stops for their 2016 updates, from new colors to completely redone uppers and outsoles.

Here are shoes you can expect to see hitting stores next year--some brand new and some updates of old favorites.

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