10 Ways Training Abroad Can Improve Life Satisfaction

A soldier frisked me the first time I went running in Ethiopia. When I showed up at the hospital the next day for work, my fellow doctors thought it was hilarious that I'd tried to go running outside.

"Just join a gym," they said. "That's what we all do."

But running in Africa has always had a special place for me; in fact, it's the place that turned me into a runner--and eventually--a triathlete. So not only did I stick with it, I found a training group and signed up for IRONMAN South Africa.

The fact of the matter is, living and working overseas can be a lonely, isolating experience. If I hadn't chosen to stick with the activities that make up the fabric of who I am, it would have been even worse. So whether you're a fish out of water in Ethiopia or just missing your tri club on a long business trip, by recreating patterns of your home life, you can find fulfillment and a sense of belonging wherever you are.

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