7 Strength Moves to Speed Up Your Swimming

When the goal is to get faster in the water, there are a few things that need to happen. First, your technique must improve so you have no wasted motion. Second, improve mobility. If your range of motion is tight through your shoulders, it will affect your speed. Mobility training will have a direct and positive effect on your swimming speed.

Finally, strength train. You want to generate output and strength training will do that.

There is a misconception with many endurance athletes on how to strength train. The focus in the weight room for many of these athletes is a high-rep scheme, lifting light-to-moderate loads with bad form.

While they are thinking logically, if I compete in an endurance sport, I must train my body in the weight room to handle the duration of these types of events. The body gets more than enough endurance work during your swimming, cycling, and running. To build strength and get faster you will need to increase the load that you lift and decrease the amount of reps that you do.

Here are some of the best exercises that you can do to build strength, with the focus on your upper body for the swim leg.

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