The Secrets of Andy Roddick's Rocket Serve

Even with the narrow stance, Roddick manages to achieve a significant turn.

Because he does have some offset between his feet in his stance, Roddick is able to create some body turn. This has got to be an overall positive factor in his motion. He actually turns more than many other pro players, even players with slower motions and wider starting stances. It's just not nearly as much as the more extreme platform players. It appears that this is the trade off he makes for being able to push off with both feet, and it's not possible to have it both ways.

So those are the first two factors. His leg drive and body turn are key pieces in the puzzle to understanding Andy's serve. The video makes it clear. And if you know what to look for, you can see these factors at work watching Andy's matches.

Now let's turn to the invisible elements and use the magic of high-speed video to look Andy's controversial wind up and his unique swing path to the ball, something we are analyzing here for the first time. They help to unlock the secrets of how he is able to generate new levels of racket-head speed and ball speed while still maintaining fearsome levels of spin.

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