The Secret to Hitting a Perfect Drop Shot

The drop shot is perhaps the best, most effective way to demoralize your opponent and change the course of a game. In one simple shot, you can force your opponent forward, exploiting their weakness at the net or their distaste of running.

Unfortunately, the drop shop is often used as a move of desperation. Players will use the shot when they're being out rallied from the baseline and have lost some confidence, or when they get tired and want the point to be over quickly. 

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In most cases, using the drop shot as a desperate resource will not help you win the point. Players who act out of desperation are often taking the shot from a lousy position, which will hurt, not help them.

Instead, a drop shot should be used as a smart and offensive shot during pivotal moments in the game.

Players need to be in a favorable position to hit a successful drop shot. They should never attempt to hit a drop shot when they're well behind the baseline.

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When you hit a drop shot from behind the baseline, the ball has a longer distance to travel before it crosses the net, allowing your opponent more time to react. The best position to hit a drop shot is inside the baseline.

The Element of Surprise

A successful drop shot requires the element of surprise. Anytime you telegraph (let your opponent see what you are going to hit) the drop shot you will put yourself at risk.

If your opponent sees you're going to hit a drop shot, they might run sooner than you expect. If they get there while the ball is still high enough, they might be able to hit a winner or at least take control of the point.

To keep from telegraphing your shot, bring the racquet back like you would normally to make it appear as if you're going to hit a ground stroke. A lot of players bring the racquet back and then stand straight up before the swing: a dead giveaway that a drop shot is imminent.

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Scott Baker

Scott Baker is a singles and doubles expert based in central Ohio. To learn more from Scott, visit
Scott Baker is a singles and doubles expert based in central Ohio. To learn more from Scott, visit

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