The Best Exercise to Relieve Your Tight Back

Every athlete and non-athlete experiences the unpleasant feeling of stiff or achy lower back sometimes. The more you sit, the worse it gets. The instinct is to stand up and bend over to relieve the pain. It may relieve the tension for a short time. However, bending over is not the right thing to do.

The opposite—bending backwards—is the right movement. The hip-flexors are so tight, and the glutes are too weak and non-active, that your goal is to connect with the glutes and stretch the hip-flexors.

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Standing and bending backward is a great movement at work, in school, or after driving a lot because you don't need much space and it is quick to do. However, a much better movement to heal your stiff back is the Scorpion.

Scorpion Exercise to Relieve your Tight Back

Scorpion is one of the best moves out there to loosen up your tight core. It's a simple exercise, but to get full benefits, you need to focus on a few very important points. They are not stressed enough sometimes, so let's make them clear:

1. Lie down on your stomach with the arms outstretched to the sides at a 90-degree angle. Relax your neck and both legs.

2. The goal is to lift one leg and bring it across the body to the opposite side, toward your arm. You will look like a cute human scorpion.

Scorpion exercise

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