Tennis Drill: Volley to the Corners

Tennis Drill: Volley to the Corners

Category: Volleys
Submitted by: Brandon K.

Drill Description:
Players A and B stand on the baseline -- one on the deuce side, the other on the add side. Player C stands at the net on the service line.

Player A or B feeds a ball to start the rally. Player C volleys the return to the corners. To get the most out of the drill, do not try to hit too hard; try to keep the ball in play as long as possible.

The goal is to move the net man around a lot so that he gets a good work out as well as practice hitting to the corners. After five to ten minutes, rotate clockwise. After five to ten more minutes, rotate clockwise again so that everyone has a chance to be at the net.

Stress footwork and fundamentals for the player at the net, who will be executing volleys from many different angles and should alternate which side he hits to. However, do not follow a strict left, right, left, right pattern. Tennis is unpredictable and the net player must react to the ball!

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