Tennis Drill: Doubles Cross-Court Backhand Volley

Tennis Drill: Doubles Cross-Court Backhand Volley

Category: Doubles Net Play
Submitted by: Mark H.

Drill Description:
The objective of this drill is to improve your footwork and net play to effectively block an angled passing shot, then follow up by slamming home a forehand winner.

Start by standing in the middle of the service box on the ad side. Your partner will stand on the baseline on the deuce side. Your partner begins the drill by feeding you an angled passing shot to your backhand.

With quick footwork, attack the ball so that you can make contact above the net, before it can dip for its first bounce. Hit a backhand volley to the middle of the court.

Your opponent should then return it to your forehand, which you hit with an aggressive forehand volley cross-court behind your opponent.

This is a fast-paced drill that focuses on your footwork and reaction speed at the net. Focus on maintaining good posture and balance as you move in each direction.

One tip: Maintaining a low center of gravity by keeping your knees bent will help you recover and change directions quickly.

Once you've mastered this move in practice, look for an opportunity in your next doubles match to secure the easy win.

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