Tennis Drill: 5 Error Drill

Tennis Drill: 5 Error Drill

Category: Hitting
Submitted by: Harvard Women's Tennis

Drill Description:

One player stands on one side of the net (A). 2 players (B and C) and a ball feeder on the other side (ball feeder can be omitted if the 2 players want to feed instead.)

The ball feeder feeds A forehands and backhands (and some approach shots) and A tries to hit them back. If A misses, it is an error. If A makes the shot, they play out the point with the B and C on the opposite side of the court.

Every time A hits a ball over the net and into the court, she gets one point. Everytime A misses, it is an error. B and C are trying to hit difficult shots so that A misses.

A aims to get 50 points before she get 5 errors. Once A gets 5 errors, B or C runs over to the other side and play begins again.

The ball feeder is responsible for keeping track of the score.

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