Having a Bad Tennis Day? Adjust Your Timing

Players of all levels have good days and bad days.

The problem with most players, including professionals, is that they're not certain on how to fix a bad day and make it a good one. They don't know the underlying cause and may blame a bad performance on a myriad of different things.

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In my experience, the majority of the time it is your timing that is throwing the rest off. People either tend to rush or they do too much too early. That is, 99.9 percent of the time the player is not tracking the ball long enough before hitting it.

Luckily, it is easy to fix a bad day. You just have to correct the mother of all errors, the one underlying cause: bad timing.

After that, everything starts feeling better and you can begin to trust your strokes as much as on a good day.

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When you're in trouble, check your timing and apply this simple solution: track the ball as long as possible with your eyes, your racquet and your hand.

You may be running to reach the ball, but your hand is stalking it, still in front. Forget about having to be perfectly positioned, forget about racquet preparation, forget about thinking at all.

Just track the ball as if you were going to catch it with your hand or stop it with the racquet. Then give it your usual whack!

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You may lose some power in the process, but you'll be confident that the ball is going in the court. Then you can go for power again, increasing the amplitude of your swing.

If your timing is still good, you'll feel confident because your power strokes are consistently going in.

Most players, including pros, may think this is too easy a solution -- they don't believe in miracles. I'd like to insist: If there are some possible miracles in your tennis, this is one of them.

Try it for yourself and see.

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