7 Secrets to Becoming a Better Doubles Player

The majority of club players participate in tennis doubles. And yet, far too few take the time to learn and understand the basic strategy behind an effective and winning game.

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Many try to use a singles tennis strategy on a doubles court, which can put them at an extreme disadvantage to their opponents? even seemingly weaker players deemed to be a lower standard.

These "lower standard" players are successful at doubles because they approach the game with the correct strategy.

Here are seven steps that will put your doubles game on the right track.

1. Decide where to serve

It's one of the easiest? and effective? changes you can make to your doubles game.

Before the point starts, decide where you're going to serve. This will help you to "hit the spot" with your serve. Share your plans with your partner, which will help them anticipate the probable returns of your opposition.?

You'll be better prepared and your chances of winning the point will greatly increase.

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2. Talk

Talk to your partner on a regular basis to eliminate confusion on the court. All successful doubles pairs talk to each other after every point and even during points to tell each other where they are, where to go and what they intend to do. That might sound like a lot of communication. If you're not ready for this amount of talk, try increasing the communication small amounts over time.

Whatever you talk about on the doubles court, make sure it's encouraging and positive even if you just lost the point.

3. Use what works

Club players often have great intentions, but fail on the court because they try execute everything they've learned at once.?

A great doubles team understands what works best for them. Plan your game around your individual and team strengths.

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Don't fall into the trap of trying a technique or strategy just because you may have seen another pair do it or you read about it in a magazine. Work on developing your basic doubles skills first. Then develop a game that you can play to the best of your abilities because it is built around you.

4. Be one with your partner

Good movement on the tennis court is important at anytime. It's crucial on the double court if you want your team to be ready to attack and defend.

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Great doubles teams always seem to be in the right place at the right time, whether it's to intercept a shot or to recover a volley from their opponents.

Being at the right place, at the right time requires movement. Players miss shots because they don't move until the ball has already passed over the net.

Practice moving together forwards, backwards and side-to-side on the court. Not only will you win more points, your improved coverage will frustrate your opponents and force them to try high risk, lower percentage shots.

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