5 Secrets of Speed Training for Tennis

5. Rest Periods Are Vital

One of the most overlooked aspects of speed training is the rest you need to take in between repetitions/exercises.

Most people finish a repetition of a drill and begin the next one far too quickly.

For you to be able to make an impact on your speed, you have to perform all exercises at 110-percent intensity. For this to be possible you have to make sure you have fully recovered from the previous exertions.

If you are not fully recovered you will only be able to perform at increasingly less intensity as the session progresses and therefore will only really be improving your endurance and not your speed.

You really need to be taking at least one minute (if not more) to rest. Although this does depend on the distances involved and the type of exercise involved.

But as a rule, make sure you feel recovered before you start the next one.

Remember not to hurry your speed training and you will win the race!
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