Keep Your Feel for the Water With These 30-Minute Swim Workouts

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When the offseason comes around or time is short, swimmers often find themselves struggling to get in a few laps.

A big mistake most of us make is that we give up on exercise altogether, promising ourselves that we'll make up for it in the new year with resolutions galore. What really happens is that we lose motivation, revel in our laziness, and wake up in the spring wondering how we managed to go from fit to fat!

The trick to avoiding this pitfall is to force yourself to get away, even if it is for a brief, but intense 30-minute workout. Swimmers especially are prone to falling out of shape fast, not only because they maintain ravenous appetites (even in the offseason), but because they lose their feel of the water within days of being on dry land.

This all-important feel is essential to any swimmer who is serious about staying in shape and retaining peak ability. With just 30 minutes a day, no matter what your level, you can keep your feel of the water while keeping extra poundage safely at bay. Following are three great versions of the 30-minute pool workout.

Workout 1 - Swim for Distance

The most obvious 30-minute workout one can do is the 30-minute swim for distance. With such limited time, you may opt to cover as much yardage as humanly possible and swim laps nonstop. As brainless as this sounds, it is actually an opportunity for you to test your endurance and gauge your fitness level.

If you can swim a mile, or 1,500 meters, in a half-hour, then push yourself to manage 1,600 meters in the same amount of time. Also pay attention to when you start to feel fatigued, and try negative splitting your 30 minutes the next time you hit the pool.

I would recommend getting into the habit of doing this drill once a month. You will be surprised at how well you will become attuned to your body (you will know your off days and your good days and even be able to predict your pacing without looking at the clock). It is also a great way to burn calories with a concise aerobic workout and cover yardage you would normally need more time to complete.

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