Star Drill to Improve an Infielder's Reaction Time

Feel like your infielders are a little slow getting the ball out of their glove?

Here is a drill you can use at practice to increase your fielder's reaction time and boost your squad's overall defense.

Setting Up the Drill

First, you get your infielders at their position (except the pitcher). The ball starts at the catcher, she throws to the second baseman, she throws to the third baseman, she throws to the first baseman, she throws to the shortstop, and she throws back to the catcher.

The whole time this is going on you have a runner run the bases. They leave at the same time as the catcher starts the cycle.

Level of Difficulty

It starts out easy for the fielders because they tend to start in kinda close and creep in. I let them do that for a while, till it get to easy, then I make them start backing up.

After they get a few steps in the grass the faster runners start making it close. (the runners like to see a dropped or missed ball)

What the Drill Does

This really helps accelerate the infielder's learning to get rid of the ball quickly, in a fun way. I hope that it's helpful. Good luck.

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