Pitching Accuracy Drill

It doesn't matter how much movement you have on your pitches, if you can't throw strikes you won't be successful.

Here is an unorthodox drill to help fastpitch hurlers work on their accuracy and build crucial arm strength.

Purpose of the Towel Pitching Drill

Many pitchers rely on their legs for velocity and pitching strength. This drill forces pitchers to use correct arm and shoulder mechanics to deliver an accurate pitch.

Here is how the drill breaks down into eight easy steps:

  1. Go and get a towel; place it on the pitching rubber.
  2. If you are a right-handed pitcher then you would face to the right of the rubber and put your knee on the towel.
  3. Place your other knee so it is facing home plate.
  4. Put your hands in front of you.
  5. Then you will do the windmill pitching motion.
  6. On your way around, stop your left hand right above your knee.
  7. Come all the way around with to your right hand.
  8. Then drop both of your hands and pop your wrist and the ball should go right across the plate.

It will take a while to get the accuracy down. But keep working at it. This drill is my favorite drill and it has really helped me.

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