Double Play Drill

Double Play Drill

Looking for a way to teach your squad to turn two? Here's a drill from the Active Fastpitch community to help improve your team's ability to execute this difficult play.

How the Drill Works

You start all the players at 3rd base. Then you hit two ground balls to each of them and they get back in line.

After the first round, the first player you hit to, she fields the ground ball and then jogs to first base position. The next player you hit them a ground ball and she jogs to second base, and the next goes to short stop. This is where the double play drill really starts.

Turning Two

The next ball you hit to third, they turn the double play. After the first baseman catches the ball from second, she immediatly throws the ball to third base as if a runner is going to third after the play at first.

The player at third catches the ball and has to make a tag at the base. Very important to teach the tag at the front of the base and not to try and reach for the runner. (Remember, there are no runners, just working on the drills).

After the player at third catches the ball and makes the proper tag, she then throws home as if a runner is coming home and that player must make the proper tag at home. The infield rotates after each hit clockwise.

Moving Things Around

The player at first, jogs to take over home and the player at home jogs to third base and gets in line. After we hit one round to third base, then we start hitting the ball to the different positions at random so everyone gets a chance to field every infield position and learns that position.

This is a very fun drill and the girls love it.

After you have gone threw the line at third several times, we make it a game were we start hitting the ball harder. If the muff the ball, make a bad throw, forget to make a tag, error, then they are out of the game.

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