Batting Beam Hitting Drill

Good balance to a softball hitter is just as important as having quick bat speed.

Here is a great hands-on drill, involving the use of 2x4 pieces of wood, that you can use with your squad or child to help put them in a successful hitting position.

Making the Batting Beam

This drill uses a batting beam made with pieces of 2" x 4"s. A few key points:

  • The main piece should be about 4' long.
  • Two cross-pieces about 18" should be nailed about 16" from each end of main piece.

How the Drill Works

Have each hitter stand on the batting beam during soft toss. (The player should remain on beam throughout swing.)

What the Drill Does

The beam encourages the batter to be on the balls of her feet and to maintain a balanced swing.

It also helps the batter to take their timing step straight to the pitcher. The players don't like this beam at first, but it does help. Good luck with your young sluggers.

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