The Ultimate Guide to Cold Weather Running Apparel


If you’ve ever taken off without your gloves on a cold November morning—and haven’t we all?—then there’s no need to stress the importance of a great pair of running gloves. The temperature threshold for running gloves is actually warmer than you’d think, and the requirements we place on our mittens have never been more demanding.

Tech-tipped fingers and/or thumbs are crucial, but this need does not supersede the importance of protection from the elements—be it wind, rain or all of the above. Look for something that shields and offers versatility and functionality along the way.

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Under Armour No Breaks CGI gloves | $29.99

These lightweight liner gloves from Under Armour are perfect for any chilly run. The textured thumb, index and middle fingers allow users to operate their smartphone (read: track workouts and change playlists) without exposing their fingers to the winter chill. And the backhand of the left glove features a discrete pocket for storing small items, like a spare house key. 

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Brooks Drift Gloves | $50

If you began reading with hopes of eventually encountering the best running gloves in the history of fingers, well, you’re in luck.

Brooks’ Drift gloves feature a tech-tipped thumb and index finger, keeping you in touch with your phone and/or watch throughout your journey. That’s great. But it’s the flip over windproof mittens that take this item over the top. The mitten actually collapses beneath the outer layer of the glove on the back of your hand, so it’s only there if you need it—and hidden if you don’t.

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