Strength and Mobility Exercises to Improve Running Form

There are three key factors that help improve running form: strength training, mobility drills and lots of practice.

In general, strength training makes you a better athlete because it improves performance, increases efficiency and decreases the risk of injury. During a workout or race, the body fatigues and it gets harder to maintain running mechanics—you know that feeling: lactic acid build-up and a lack of oxygen causes loss of focus. By increasing your strength, you can maintain better posture as you tire. You can run without hunched shoulders, which allows you to breathe better. You can hold your pelvis in its proper position so you are able to get full extension of your legs—and that equals power.

To ensure full range of motion while running, mobility drills are a must. Target areas that are tight and affect your mechanics such as the calves, shoulders and quads.

The other big factor that will help you run with better form: practice, practice and more practice. Perfecting running form takes time, patience and video feedback (a good way to see what you are doing wrong). Most likely it will not happen overnight, but consistent practice will make it happen.

It sounds simple enough right? But many people think that strength and mobility training are all you need. Ask any good golfer how much practice they put into their swing. Runners are no different; put the work in order to see results.

Remember, the more economical your form, the faster you'll run. It is worth the investment of time and energy to correct any issues you may have.

The following exercises and drills will help improve your running form. Complete these moves 2 to 3 days per week; the workout will only take 10 to 15 minutes.

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