Running Lingo: 12 Words to Know


It's not what you do in gymnastics or yoga. Instead, a split is a section of a race, usually measured by miles. Paying attention to splits can help you plan your pace.

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Ah, the BQ—the brass ring for marathoners across the globe. What is it? The time you need to nab to qualify for the Boston Marathon. And it's fast: 3:35 for women ages 18 to 34, and 3:05 for men in the same age bracket. The 'slowest' BQ is 5:25 for women ages 80 and older.

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This is another category for races, similar to male/female divisions, age group, pro, etc., to measure performance. This one is a weight category: The Athena is one for women ranging in weight from 145 to 160 pounds. Clydesdale is the men's category for people who weigh 200 to 220 pounds.

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Much how it sounds, a bandit is someone who jumps into a race and completes it—without ever registering. It sounds pretty harmless, but race organizers take into account the exact number of registered runners when planning medical care and resources such as water stops. The more bandits there are, the more things can get screwy for everyone else—hardly a winning situation.

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