Infographic: The History of the Turkey Trot

These days Turkey Trots are as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as the bird itself. But where did they come from?

In 1896, six runners made their way down a small, dirt road, completing what would become the first ever Turkey Trot. Over a century later, it is now a country-wide phenomenon. On alone, there are 4,300 Turkey Trots listed for 2015, and participation is only growing. To date, the largest Thanksgiving Day race has been the Run to Feed the Hungry 5K/10K in Sacramento, California, which hosted a whopping 22,546 participants. 

Want the full history? Check out the infographic below to see more milestones in Turkey Trot history and don't forget to sign up for a Turkey Trot near you.

Turkey Trot infographic.


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