How to Plan (and Enjoy) a Destination Run-cation

Ah, vacation. A week of total relaxation and indulgence filled with fruity drinks by the pool, fancy dinners, sleeping late and relaxing in the sun. But sometimes, by the end of our trip, it feels like we need another vacation to recover from our vacation. Too much inactivity and overindulgence leaves us feeling bloated and lethargic.

For many runners, being active is such a big part of our lifestyle that a more fitness-focused vacation helps recharge our physical and mental health more than a sloth-like week by the pool. Exploring trails in a beautiful location or running a race that you've had circled for months can make for some amazing vacation memories--and leave you feeling more rejuvenated (and accomplished).

Whether you want to participate in a destination race or just enjoy exploring a new city on foot, here's how to plan your perfect "runcation."

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