How to Find Your Running Mojo

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It's too hot. The humidity is atrocious. I don't have a race on my schedule. Work has been crazy busy. I'm stressed about everything. It's summer, and the last thing I want to do is go for a run.

Don't panic. You are not alone. This happens to every single runner. 

You've lost your running mojo.

Most days, runners will want to run no matter the season. You know something is up when the urge to run isn't there.

Never fear. Your running mojo isn't lost forever. Here's how to find it once again.

Read up on Running Magazines 

Pick up the latest print or digital issue of your favorite running magazine like Women's Running, Runner's World or Trail Runner magazine for instant inspiration. You'll get amped up for running with new knowledge about what's happening with other runners around the world.

Run With Friends

Knowing that there are others waiting for you will motivate you to roll out of bed no matter what the weather is. Whether it's the hazy, hot and humid days of summer or the frigid single digit days of winter, relying on running buddies for motivation, especially for long runs, is a must. Misery LOVES company. Having company makes a huge difference in getting it done.

Watch Running Documentaries

The next best thing to actually running? Watching a documentary of runners running! There's no shortage of inspiration when you hear the story behind the athlete and see the blood, guts and determination needed to get after a goal.

Check out Social Media

Social media may get a bad rap sometimes, but it can also provide motivation to get out there and run. Scroll through your favorite runners on Instagram to get a jolt of inspiration. Or fill your feed up with new runners for fresh motivation.

Try Something New

Rather than making the main focus running, try something new to complement it. Maybe try bootcamp, spinning or Orangetheory–or focus on trying to get your first pull up.

Give cross training a try to refresh your love of running.

Use Small Goals to Get to Big Goals

Make mini goals for each month like running x number of miles per week, lifting weights three times a week or shooting for a set elevation gain goal. If you mostly run each week, set a mini goal of alternating your run days with cycling days. Small changes lead to big ones that may reignite your love for running.

Find a Race to Train For

Having a race on the calendar may be the motivation you need to get off the couch. Pick a new-to-you race, a new distance or maybe focus on something like running a faster 5K. If you can't find a race, set a date and make it DIY.

Remember You Get to Run 

When you start saying, "I HAVE to run," it becomes a chore. Running shouldn't be like that. Remind yourself that you GET to run. Remember why you run and why you love it so much.

Accept It and Move On

Bad runs and lack of mojo happen to every runner. Rather than stewing about it and nit picking every single thing, accept it and move on. A good week of running always follows a bad week. Right? At least that's the story runners tell themselves.

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