How to Double Your Endurance in 6 Weeks

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Imagine running twice as far as you do now. Mission impossible? It's easier than you think. And there's good reason to try. Adding more miles can boost your stamina, help manage your weight, and help you get more comfortable on the road. Here's how.

Shoot For Three

A three-day running week is the best way to run more and stay injury-free. When you rest before and after a running day, your muscles feel fresher and you'll have more energy to go farther.

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Make Every Mile Count

Giving each run a purpose will help you keep up your routine without getting stale. Designate one day for a "maintenance" run (an easy-paced run that helps maintain fitness), another day to run long, and a third day for speed play (aka "fartlek"). On this run, set out at your usual pace, and pick up the tempo when you feel ready. You might accelerate to a landmark you see ahead, like a tree. Then jog to recover. Take off again when you're ready.

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Slow Down

On your long run, slow the pace from the start to cut your chances of getting exhausted — or hurt. Your pace should be about three minutes per mile slower than it is on a maintenance run. So if you usually run a 10-minute mile, aim for a 13-minute pace when you run long. Take a one-minute walk break every one to three minutes.

Go the Distance

How to build your mileage slowly:

Week ONE:
Maintenance (Miles) - 3.5
Fartlek (Miles) - 3
Long Run (Miles) - 4

Week TWO:
Maintenance (Miles) - 4
Fartlek (Miles) - 3.25
Long Run (Miles) - 5

Maintenance (Miles) - 4
Fartlek (Miles) - 3
Long Run (Miles) - 4

Week FOUR:
Maintenance (Miles) - 5
Fartlek (Miles) - 3.5
Long Run (Miles) - 6

Week FIVE:
Maintenance (Miles) - 5.5
Fartlek (Miles) - 3
Long Run (Miles) - 4

Week SIX:
Maintenance (Miles) - 6
Fartlek (Miles) - 3.5
Long Run (Miles) - 7

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