How to Break Out of Your Running Food Rut


It's a new year, and there's no reason you should feel bored with what's on your plate. We're bringing you brand-new healthy recipes that are sure to spice up your usual smoothie, energy bites or meal-prep routine. Try these options for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and never dread mealtime again. 

No-Bake Breakfast Cookies

If you can't seem to get excited about your morning bowl of oats anymore, it's time to sweeten things up. These delightful cookies pack just the right amount of nutritious ingredients—oats, peanut butter and chia seeds—to balance out the sweetness from the honey and chocolate chips. Who said cookies for breakfast was a bad idea?

Apple and Carrot Superhero Muffins

For those busy mornings when you're running late, try these grab-and-go "superhero" muffins that you can make ahead of time and store in the fridge. What makes them so super? They sneak both fruit and veggies into your morning meal. Plus, they're gluten-free!

Cherry Pie Cherry Smoothie

You already know cherries are good for runners, and we're willing to bet you've been recycling that same chocolate cherry smoothie recipe for months. It's time to switch it up with this new version that tastes just like old-fashioned cherry pie, thanks to the genius addition of graham crackers. Just make sure to skip the whipped cream if you're sensitive to dairy or looking to cut calories.

Loaded Veggie Quesadillas

No more burrito bowls for you! Add these veggie-packed quesadillas to your lunch rotation instead. With peppers, avocado, sweet potatoes and fresh salsa for dipping, you're packing in a ton of produce into just one meal. Black beans and two types of cheese provide the protein for staying full. 

Protein Packed Healthy Mac and Cheese

A healthy mac and cheese...could it...could it really be? This recipe says yes. Not only does it call for broccoli and spinach for a healthy dose of veggies, it also includes chickpea pasta, meaning you're getting a lot of protein mixed in with your carbs to avoid that afternoon crash.  

Runner's Roasted Sweet Potato Slices

Sweet potatoes are another food that's especially common in a runner's diet, which means they can get old fast. This new take on an old stand-by uses the unexpected combination of thyme and nutmeg for seasoning, and we think you'll appreciate the unique flavor. Wrap in aluminum foil and pack for a midday snack. 

Vanilla Almond Latte Energy Bites

Energy bites are a snack that should never get boring thanks to its many endless variations. For the winter season, try out this vanilla almond latte version. The warming flavors are equivalent to curling up with a cup of hot coffee, and the ingredient list includes protein powder for extra punch. 

Café Mocha Protein Shake

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Amp up your usual cup of coffee with this protein shake that calls for only four ingredients yet has the protein and caffeine combo to get you through the last part of the day—and your evening workout. 

One-Pan Teriyaki Tofu and Broccoli

You've got your chicken and salmon dinner options down, but have you stepped a toe into the world of tofu? Stay with us here. Not only is it a great source of plant-based protein, tofu can be mighty tasty when prepared the right way. This recipe will have you singing its praises and is complimented with whole grains and veggies for a truly balanced meal. 

Hearty Spaghetti with Lentils and Marinara

We love carb-loading just as much as the next runner, but sometimes you need more "oomph" than the usual pasta and red sauce to stay full. This ever-so-simple spaghetti recipe adds in a half-cup of dry lentils that take your traditional pasta up a notch. Better yet, the whole dish comes together in 30 minutes.

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