How a Missed Run Affects Your Training

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With the summer winding down, schools going back in session, and tourists leaving the area, September brings a lot of new races and new training schedules for those races.  And especially in the Savannah area, we see a lot of races during September so training is a must.  Sometimes it's inevitable to miss a run during training. So, does that ruin your training?

As long as it's not a practice to miss runs frequently, it can help.

If you are faced with an injury or an illness, taking a day off from running can help your body recover and be in shape for the next run. Or maybe you've been feeling sluggish from a busy schedule. Taking that time for some extra rest can give your body the full recovery it needs. It can also prevent any further damage to an injury that you might have been dealing with.

If you do miss a run, don't try to make up for it. Instead of increasing your mileage on your next run, just do the planned mileage at the pace you intended. The purpose of a missed run is to let your body recover, so don't try to overexert your body on your next run.

And if you're missing a run but still want to get a workout, try some low impact cross training. Hopping on a bike, swimming, playing tennis or even going for a walk can give your body some recovery while still getting the exercise you're looking for.

Often, runners push their bodies hard for the results they want. And sometimes, it's alright to miss a run and recover.

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