Hairstyles for Runners

When you're running, you want to be focused on the road ahead—not worried about the hair falling in your face. From traditional ponytails to braid variations, we've compiled this list of our favorite hairstyles for runners. Use the scales below to easily gauge the durability and simplicity of each style.

Durability scale:
1: Wouldn't stand up against a gentle breeze.
2: Won't last through the first mile.
3: Not recommended for #beastmode.
4: editorial staff-approved for running.
5: Tougher than Chuck Norris and John Wayne combined.

Simplicity scale:
1: Could be done in your sleep.
2: So easy a caveman could do it.
3: May need some practice.
4: Caution: difficulty ahead.
5: Superwoman skills needed.

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