Coach Jenny's 11 Running Gear Must-Haves for Spring


You don't have to run without shoes to benefit from the barefoot running movement. The Evo is vegan friendly and designed to be the ultimate minimalist running shoe.  The Evo is like running barefoot, but even better.  It boasts an ultra thin puncture-resistant sole to protect your feet and has a removable, washable insole that made from 100 percent recycled memory foam.  Progress gradually and start with foot strengthening exercises and progress to weaving in short walking and running drills.  Stronger feet translate to improved running form and better performance.


Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45

This vitamin-enriched, water- and sweat-resistant lotion is oil-free and offers superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and absorbs quickly without greasy or heavy residue. Formulated for extreme conditions, Sun Guard forms a barrier of protection and stays on during intense physical activity in and out of the water and won't drip in your eyes.  Jack Black's Performance Remedy? products combine acclaimed PureScience? technology with highly effective Eastern and Western herbs in holistic, performance-enhancing products. The PureScience? technology found in each product locks in nature's best—using healing botanicals, vitamins and certified organic ingredients with no parabens, sulfates, fragrance or colorants. All products are cruelty-free, vegan and dermatologist-tested.

$20 for 4 oz. and  $10 for 2 oz.,

OAKLEY Miss Conduct Squared Active Sunglasses

I'm all about function, performance and style. The Miss Conduct Squared sunglasses deliver on all three. They are lightweight and have a Three-Point Fit that holds up during even the most demanding runs.  The rimless glasses shield you from the elements and are built to last with impact resistance. The super comfy, lightweight O MATTER? stems hinge with a cool metal icon for a little flavor.


Personal Savers – Pepper Spray for the Active Lifestyle

A product even MacGyver would be proud of, Personal Savers are revolutionizing the way you protect yourself while enjoying your favorite activities.   There are three models: the Personal Saver that can be clipped onto your running belt, the Wrist Saver that can be worn while running and the Cycle Saver that easily attaches to the handle bars.  They offer a highly functional design with an easy-twist lock top, special holster for easy access, a powerful 10-foot spray, LED light, highly reflecting edging, I.D. card, and an LED light that enhances your visibility from as far as one mile away.   The pepper spray is extracted from cayenne peppers and creates an intense burning sensation on the eyes, skin and throat and can cause an attacker's senses to temporarily shut down and give you time to get away.


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