Are You Ready for a Spartan Race?

Are You Ready for a Spartan Race?

Run through battlefields filled with crazy obstacles that will test your mental and physical strength. You may get a few bumps and bruises, but you'll earn those bragging rights at one of these Spartan Races.

Utah Spartan Beast

Midway, Utah - June 30, 2012

The creators of Spartan Race say this is "an obstacle race from hell". Challenge yourself in this 16K full of 25 obstacles. Bust out of your comfort zone and battle the Spartan Beast this summer. Photo by Spartan Race Series Read More

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Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint

Palmerton, Pennsylvania - July 14, 2012

Put your legs to the test and push your way through this 5K obstacle race. Make a weekend trip out of it and check out some of Pennsylvania's historical sites. Read More

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New England Spartan Sprint

Amesbury, Massachusetts - August 11, 2012

Test yourself at Amesbury's Sports Park where the hills are steep and rocky. Join other weekend warriors to battle summer heat, rope climbs, and a gladiator challenge. Are you tough enough? Read More

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Mid-Atlantic Super Spartan

Leesburg, Virginia - August 25, 2012

Are you ready to take your Spartan racing to the next level? Tackle 8 miles filled with 20-intense obstacles on this hilly course. Dominate this race to win a free entry to the Spartan Beast. Read More

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Tri-State Super Spartan

Vernon, New Jersey - September 8, 2012

Finish your summer with a bang. Test you physical and mental endurance as you battle intense obstacles, muddy trails and hilly runs. Celebrate your victory at the after-party that's filled with live entertainment and plenty of food. Photo by Spartan Race Series Read More

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Vermont Spartan Beast

Killington, Vermont - September 22, 2012

This is no picnic in the park. Killington Resort has steep hills, rocky terrain, and twists and turns that will push you to your limits. This is the toughest Spartan Race yet. Face the challenge and become a Spartan Beast. Photo by Spartan Race Series Read More

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Carolinas Spartan Beast

Winnsboro, South Carolina - October 13, 2012

Break out of your comfort zone and take on this beastly race. You'll run up steep and curvy hills, down muddy trails, and through blazing fire. Don't forget to grab your beer and stick around for the after-party. Read More

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Mid-West Super Spartan

Marseilles, Illinois - October 27, 2012

Rain or shine, this rugged and gnarly 9-mile obstacle course will go on. Head to the start line ready to combat gladiators, fire and slippery terrain. Make quick decisions throughout the course to help you reach the finish line in one piece. Read More

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Malibu Spartan Sprint

Malibu, California - December 1, 2012

From coastal views to scenic trails, the Malibu Spartan Sprint takes place in Calimigos Ranch, a Malibu favorite. Blast through these trails, fight through 20 obstacles, and party like a rockstar at the post-race festivities. Read More

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Texas Spartan Beast

Glen Rose, Texas - December 8, 2012

This 16K takes place at Rough Creek Lodge and Resort, and it sure is one rough race. Expect a few bruises and sore muscles after you push through 25-plus obstacles. From cinder blocks to fire, earn your bragging rights and take on the Spartan Beast. Photo by Spartan Race Series Read More

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Texas Spartan Sprint

Brunet, Texas - May 19, 2012

Run about 3 miles and take on roughly 15 obstacles to prove that you are tough and can think on your toes. Read More

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Tri-State Spartan Sprint

Tuxedo, New York - June 2, 2012

Hit the dirt path and push yourself for 3-plus miles. Be prepared to jump, slide, and dive to the finish line as you take on this weekend warrior challenge. Photo by Spartan Race Series Read More

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Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint

Washougal, Washington - June 16, 2012

Battle across rocky terrain as you take on fire, mud and more obstacles. It may only be 3 miles, but it's certainly not an easy walk in the park. Put your game face on and take the Spartan Sprint challenge. Read More

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