Active Gear Scout: 2014 Fall Running Shoe Guide

A running shoe can make or break your running stride, set a PR, or prevent injuries. Finding the right shoe for you can be a challenge. After all, everyone is different and there are so many shoe choices available in today's market. Whether you're looking for a cross trainer, a stylish day-to-day shoe, something light and supportive or kicks that help you go the distance,'s editors put the 2014 fall running shoes to the test to help you determine what's the best shoe for your running needs. Before you run off and buy some shoes, take a moment and assess your style and needs. In short, do your research, says Mike Traskeens, a running shoe expert. Determine what kind of foot strike you have and what you're going to use the shoe for—are you running a 5K, marathon or cross training—and then set a price point, says Traskeens.

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