7 Music Gadgets for Your Runs

Photo by unionhouse, Jennifer Soos & Salvatore Brancifort

Adding a soundtrack to your run can help the miles fly by, but tangled cords and slippery headphones take the spring out of your step.

Try these music-friendly accessories to get in the groove without missing a beat.

H2O Audio Amphibx Fit Armband, $60

If your iPhone or Droid doubles as your music player, this armband will ensure that the device stays safe and secure throughout your workout. The hands-free band prevents an accidental drop, and the water-resistant technology keeps your phone safe from moisture.

A clear pouch allows for full function of the touch screen so you can easily change your music mid-run without exposing your device to the elements.

Still wary about taking your smart phone out on a rainy day? Don't worry—each armband is individually tested to ensure it's 100-percent waterproof. h20audio.com

Puma Graphic Fitness T-Shirt II, $40

Feel like a rock star while you run with a feminine printed tee. This cute shirt has a convenient sewn-in headphone clip to keep wires streamlined. The extremely lightweight feel of the top will keep you cool, even on those surprisingly steamy spring mornings.

Cap sleeves show off toned arms, and leave enough of your bicep bare so that you can easily strap on an MP3 armband. puma.com

JVC Sport-Clip Headphones, $20

Ever wonder how some women can wear earbuds for hours when they fall out of your ears with the slightest movement? If this feeling is familiar, try a pair built specifically for fitness. The Sport-Clip Headphones come with three different silicone earpieces to fit every size and shape. A soft rubber hook loops around your ear for extra staying power during sweaty long runs or speed workouts.

The phones are available in a variety of sweet shades, including bright pastels that coordinate with the iPod nano. store.jvc.com

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