15 Things I Never Thought I’d Do Until I Became a Runner

From the outside, running is the purest sport, requiring minimal equipment, free from violence and bloodthirst. It's a quiet recreation, save for the ragged breathing and pounding footsteps. But if you're on the inside--if you've blown snot rockets or smeared Vasoline near your private areas and then discussed it on a long run--then you know the dirty little secrets that muddy the sport's pure name.

So, OK, I'm being a little melodramatic. But seriously, when you first started running, did you ever think you'd talk about your bowel movements so freely? When you were a non-runner, did you ever think you would consider a black toenail a badge of honor? Would you have spent hundreds of dollars for gear that you end up sweating, bleeding and potentially defecating in?

No, you probably looked at the runners bounding along and thought, "Look how peaceful and fit they look." Well, now you're one of us. And these are the things that none of us ever thought we'd do before we became runners.

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