11 Keys to Make Running a Habit

Whether today is the first in your journey towards making running a habit, or you've been running for a while but it still feels like a chore, these tips will make going for a run feel like second nature.

It has been said that creating a habit takes no fewer than 21 days--and, while that may be true for some, others, still, may find that it takes much longer. No one can pinpoint exactly how long it will take for you to make it a habit. It may take 21 days or it may take 11 months. Step one on your habit journey is to accept that you aren't failing if it takes you longer than you might have expected.

Habits are formed when new neural pathways in your brain are created--pathways that transform running from something you try to do, into something that often feels automatic. The process for clearing these pathways varies for each of us.

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