Racing to the Altar

There are many benefits when it comes to running; you can boost endurance, improve cardiovascular, build strength and relieve stress. But, who knew running can bring you love? Meet Kim and Tyler, both have a passion for running, but never in their right minds thought that running could bring them together; and result in a wedding at the Ragnar Relay Florida finish line.  

This is a love story that started on the race course and finished on the beach.

How did you two meet?

Tyler: It was September 2009 and we had both participated in the Blue Ridge Relay, which similar to Ragnar Relay Race. My friend John and I (I ran with him) were sitting at the airport; we ran as an ultra-team, so we were taking up as much room as possible. We were just chatting about the race, reliving our memories, and out of my eye, I noticed this lady talking on her cell phone about the race. When she hung up, I turned around and asked "So how are your legs feeling?" And that woman turned out to be Kim. We chatted about the event, our stories, and our memories. That's how we kicked it off.

Right before we were getting on the plane, Kim mentioned to us that she had a team for Ragnar Relay Race Central Florida in November, and needed to fill a couple spots. She asked if we might be interested. We both said sure, since we had done it the year before. We handed her our business cards and said "Keep us in mind."

A couple days later Kim sent both John and I an email, by that point John's schedule had changed and couldn't do it anymore. So I WILLINGLY accepted and that kind of gave us a reason to start chatting about the race...and other things.

We did the relay in November and continued to build on our friendship until it turned into something more. As you can see relays play a large part of our history and relationship.

Kim: (Laughing) Well, a girl's version is always a little different. I was on the phone with my mom complaining about how hard it the race was, yet how much fun I had. I sat down, didn't even notice Tyler, his back was to me. I was just chatting away. After I go off the phone, I got up to refill my water bottle and that's when Tyler asked, "How are your legs?" And we all started talking. I just remember Tyler was so engaging. John was a few feet away, very nice, but Tyler was more social. I was very drawn to him; I just thought this guy seems like a lot of fun.

As we got on the plane I thought about how my Ragnar Team needed a couple spots filled. So I asked, "Hey just a random thought, would you guys like to do Ragnar Relay Central Florida?" They both handed me their cards and I emailed them the next day, not a couple days later.

I was secretly hoping Tyler would run with us. As it turned out we only had one spot open, so I told them they could fight over it. I didn't want to email Tyler separately saying, "I want you on the team," but I was hoping it would happen. I think John initially responded first saying he would do it. And Tyler said, "Well he responded first, so John can do it." And then John said, "I have a scheduling conflict."  I said "Yes!"

Tyler: Yea I did a little fist pump since John couldn't do the race anymore. I mean, I met this really good looking tall blonde that likes to do relay...and she seemed really awesome.

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Fara Rosenzweig

Fara Rosenzweig is the Lifestyle Editor for She is a fitness fanatic, yogi and runner who loves to try new activities. Follow Fara on Google+ or twitter @FJRose.
Fara Rosenzweig is the Lifestyle Editor for She is a fitness fanatic, yogi and runner who loves to try new activities. Follow Fara on Google+ or twitter @FJRose.

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