On Running and Life: How Running Shapes Who We Are

A runner, writer, artist and creator of a line of unique runner-inspired T-shirts, Caitlin Chock set the (previous) U.S. high school 5K record, and ran in the 2004 world junior track championships. She turned pro, was sponsored by Nike and coached by the legendary Alberto Salazar, until she was struck by a hit-and-run driver in 2010. Her right leg was severely injured; doctors told her she might not walk again normally, and that running would be virtually impossible.

"I wouldn't accept that answer, and channeled all of that runner determination to get back to the sport of my passion," Caitlin writes on her blog. "Runners are tough. It took what felt like an eternity, but I am officially a runner again?[who is] thankful for each and every mile I am able to run, regardless of pace."

Here, Caitlin shares her humor, art and insights about running. Check out more of her artwork, including her Runner's Comic Strip, at caitchock.com.

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