13 Essential Core Exercises for Runners

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We know that to improve your running, you have to run. This is classic specificity in action—you train what you're looking to improve. It reminds me of this great quote: "You can't plant potatoes and expect to harvest carrots." 

But this doesn't mean that you can skip core workouts and only run. Strength and core exercises will actually help your running and prevent injuries. Many runners know this but they're not sure when to do these workouts or what to do—until today.

Understand that your "core" isn't just your abs. It also includes your hamstrings, glutes, hips, lower back, and oblique muscles. Core routines for runners should target these areas in order to prevent running injuries and maintain health. 

General strength includes all of these muscles. And, while not particularly focused, a well-rounded core program can improve your athleticism, reduce injuries and make you a more efficient runner. These exercises should become part of your normal routine.  And if you're looking to take the exercise intensity up a notch for an even stronger core, then you're going to need to upgrade your equipment. 

  • Here are the top 4 pieces of core-strengthening equipment that we recommend:

-Yoga Mat

-Balance Trainer

-Gymnastic Rings

-Ab Roller

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