Therm-A-Rest Comfort System Review

Alana Addante of Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Therm-A-Rest Comfort System represents the next generation of on-the-go comfort. The Trail Pro mattress, tech blanket and compressible pillow work hand-in-hand to usher in a new way of thinking about outdoor comfort.

Q: How many times did you use the Comfort System during the test period?
A: We used it one time during a backyard campout.

Q: Did you find the Trail Pro mattress to be comfortable and warm?
A: Yes, we were outside all night and it provided ample warmth.

Q: Was it lightweight and easy to carry?
A: Yes, it was even very easy for my young daughter to carry it.

Q: Do you think this mattress would be durable for campers and backpackers?
A: Yes, it's a compact design, lightweight and made from quality materials. This item is very easy to take along with you during an overnight trip and it will not take up much room.

Q: Did the compressible pillow provide support for your head and neck?
A: Yes, it was very comfortable to use and supported my neck very well.

Q: Did the tech blanket provide enough warmth?
A: Yes, it provided the perfect amount of warmth during a cool evening.

Q: Did you like the draw cord feature for your foot area?
A: Yes, this was a very useful feature because I was able to keep the mattress partially open when it was too warm.

Q: Did you find the carrying case to be helpful?
A: Yes, I liked that the blanket could fold into itself. It took up less space when packing it away.

Q: Did you like the anti-slip elastic straps feature?
A: Yes, it kept everything from shifting inside the tent.

Q: Did the blanket and sheet fit over the Trail Pro mattress?
A: Yes, they were both a perfect fit.

Q: Were the pillow, blanket and sheets easy to clean?
A: Yes, the instructions are very clear on how to care for these items. Just follow the directions and there shouldn't be a problem.

Q: What was your favorite item from the Comfort System?
A: The sheet and blanket combo that snap together to create a sleeping bag.

Q: Would you recommend the Therm-A-Rest Comfort System to other campers?
A: Yes, I think the quality and the features make it a great system to have during an outdoor trip.

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