Places to Camp Near Planet Earth Locations

Go to: New Ireland, Papua New Guinea

Near: The Jungles of New Guinea

With over 40 kinds of birds, and half the world's species, the jungles of New Guinea are a thriving ecosystem and a fascinating place for visitors; most of whom are surfers. "Papua New Guinea is renowned for its spectacular surfing and diving in crystal clear waters with amazing pristine reefs," according to The Surf Travel Company. Because of this, most who travel here are surfers. If you're looking for the surf trip of a lifetime, pack your board and reserve a spot at the island camp.

Go to: Furnace Creek Campground

Near: Death Valley National Park, California

This Planet Earth location is a far cry from the coasts of the Golden State, but it's no less rewarding. Head deep into this national park, one of the lowest areas of land in the world, to enjoy a number of activities including birding and hiking--both of which should be done in October through April, the cooler months. Hike along the 4-mile Gower Gulch Loop or escape the heat and go to the Borax Museum.

Reserve a Campsite: Furnace Creek

Go to: Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Near: Valdivian Forests, Chile

As if out of a storybook, these forests are bright green, bursting with tropical plants and thick with jungle mist. You can get a taste of this magical environment, and much more, when you camp in the first national park of Chile. Come during the Chilean summer--December to March--and make base camp in Petrohue, one of the only camping areas in the park. Make your reservation through Corporacion Nacional Foresta (CONAF), the agency that manages the park, who can also recommend hikes and guided boat tours as many travel sites are in Spanish.

Plan Your Stay

Go to: Kalbarri National Park

Near: Western Australia, Australia

You saw hydroplaning dolphins in the "Shallow Seas" episode of Planet Earth and that's exactly what you should look for when you visit Kalbarri National Park. There are many natural features to be seen here, too, including the Kalbarri Gorges, Nature's Window and Jaques Point. And, that's only the beginning; find more things to do at With no camping allowed within the national park, pitch your tent at Flat Rocks Beach Campground, located just outside.

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