Mountainsmith Tailgater Cube Review

Shelly Meyer of Zelland, Michigan

Keep all your camping items organized with the Mountainsmith Tailgater Cube.  

Q: How many times did you use the Tailgater cube during the test period?
A: I used the cube about three times during day trips to parks.

Q: Did the haul handles provide an easy carrying option?
A: We packed some heavy items in the cooler cube and I found that the handle helped me a lot. Users should be wary that the cooler side can be heavier, so they may need to hold it on the bottom as well.

Q: Do you believe this would be a useful item to have on a camping trip or other outdoor trip?
A: Yes, I was able to leave the hauler in my vehicle during day trips and pulled things out as I needed them.

Q: What did you pack in the cooler cube?
A: I packed drinks, ice, and a variety of cheeses which remained cool throughout the day.

Q: Is it easy to store contents in the cooler cube?
A: Yes, there is a lot of room in the cube making it easy to neatly pile items.

Q: What did you pack in the picnic cube?
A: I packed picnic supplies, extra clothing and a camera.

Q: Is it easy to store contents in the picnic cube?
A: Yes, everything fit perfectly and I had plenty of room left.

Q: Did you use the central mesh compartment to store other items?
A: If I used the cube for a longer trip I would have used the mesh compartment for items such as hiking poles or shoes.

Q: Would you recommend the Tailgater to other outdoor enthusiasts?
A: I would recommend this item to anyone going on a day trip or overnight trip as it helps keep all items organized.  

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