How to Sleep Better on a Camping Trip

Believe it or not, sleeping outside is actually good for your body. In a study done at the University of Colorado, participants' melatonin and circadian timing, both important factors in how well you sleep, were measured when sleeping inside and outside.

"When they [study participants] were out in the outdoors, the melatonin levels and the sun cycle were more aligned&mdashthe levels went down as the sun rose and before they woke up. They were subject to more light—sunlight—for the majority of the day," says Joel N. Shurkin of" At home, however, the same participants woke up feeling groggy because the melatonin cycle was off, and telling them to go back to sleep.

Take advantage of the opportunity to rest up with these tips on how to sleep better at the campsite.

Sleep-Better Basics

You don't need expensive gear to sleep better. With a few simple tweaks in your sleeping routine you can catch more z's.

  • Prepare for late-night bathroom trips: Keep a flashlight handy for midnight bathroom trips so you don't wake yourself up as you dig through your bag to find it.
  • Try not to listen to late-night sounds: Without earplugs, this is nearly impossible. The key is to not listen too closely. Even the smallest, harmless animals can make a lot of noise as they shuffle through the woods; try not to listen and don't let it spook you.
  • Wear dry clothes: Even if the bottoms of your pant legs are a little damp it can make you uncomfortable. Always change into dry clothes for optimal sleep.

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