Coleman Fyrestorm Ti Stove

This is one of the lightest multi-fuel backpack stoves in the world able to run on Coleman fuel, unleaded gasoline or butane/propane. Coleman Reflex technology requires no priming or preheating, reducing time from start-up to full ignition.

The stove is made from ultra-lightweight titanium and magnesium. The tripod design provides a wide, stable cooking surface and allows the fuel source to be placed away from the burner.

Fyrestorm has precise flame control from simmer to full boil with built in cleaning needle. Liquid fuels generate 10,000 BTU's resulting in a total boil time of 3.5 minutes and 75 minute total burn time. Canister fuel generates 14,000 BTU's resulting in a total boil time of 3.2 minutes and 45 minute total burn time.

Weight: 11 oz.
MSRP: $189.95

Review submitted by Joe Quinn of Kansas

Q: How many times have you used your Coleman Exponent Fyrestorm Ti Stove?
A: I've used twice on backpacking trips with my family.

Q: How easy was it to set up and use?
A: The stove is very straight forward and easy to use. It sets up quickly and was a breeze to light up. What was awesome about this stove was how quickly it generated heat and boiled water and soup. The various flame settings are good to have and you are able to simmer items, but again, it's the stove's ability to boil quickly that was really impressive.

Q: The Fyrestorm can use Coleman Fuel, unleaded gasoline or canister propane/butane: Did you have a chance to use different types of fuel?.
A: I've only used canister propane fuel to date, however, the multi-fuel capability is nice to have if ever run out of propane canisters when camping.

Q: How is the overall quality? Is it truly lightweight and convenient for backpacking or backwoods camping?
A: The quality of the stove itself is very high. It comes across as a serious piece of camping gear that will last a very long time and can take a lot of punishment. I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the carrying case, but that was a minor item. The stove is compact and light enough to easily fit in my backpack.

Q: Do you believe this is a useful item for camping, and would you recommend it to your fellow campers?
A: Yes, I would recommend it to anyone that does any kind of backpacking, even at $189.00. What gives it value at that price point is the very impressive quality of the stove and the amazing speed it generates heat. My 10-year-old son and I will be taking our first father and son bicycling trip this summer, which he is very much looking forward to, and the Coleman exponent stove will definitely be in our backpack.

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